[TR] tr3 gear box

Frank Fisher yellowtr3 at yahoo.com
Tue May 29 14:07:26 MDT 2018

gear boxes are not my strongest point.only ever took one apart more than 40 years ago.so buddy crashed his box and has chipped some teeth.as we have done 3 toyota conversions we had some old boxes in good shape lying around.pulled the top off to be sure they were all there.at first glance i saw what i assume is first gear ring. top shaft rear most gear. straight cut gears. no synchro.took a look..oh bugger its missing 2 teeth.opened up the second box and huh! same gear missing 2 teeth.rotate the shaft and it has 2 teeth machined off every 8 teeth.go back check the other box same thing.
so can some one enlighten me as to why they are missing 2 teeth every 8?
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