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Hmmm.... just looked at the Moss site and they show an “Exact Replacement “ for $35. p/n 377-061.  Is that what you need?

Bill B

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On May 29, 2018, at 9:02 AM, Tim Gaines <mtgaines at presby.edu> wrote:

I was stranded briefly the other day when my TR6 started, sputtered, died, and wouldn't start again. On inspection of the fuel pump I saw a bent wire sticking out near the manual pumping lever. It's an AC pump, original I'm pretty sure. I disconnected the fuel line from the pump, cranked the engine, and got a big squirt of gas. Next I looked for spark from the coil wire and got it. Then I looked inside the distributor, saw nothing but clean contacts and walls, pulled on the spring-loaded center contact a bit, replaced the cap, and cranked the engine again. Started right up. Hard to believe I did anything to fix the problem, so I pulled the fuel pump when I got home. The bent wire turned out to be a spring designed to pull back when the manual lever was pushed, but it was bent and detached from one side. It turns out that the lever springs back nicely without the wire in place. I cleaned up everything and replaced the pump without the spring. Then I saw that the pump is unavailable at
 Moss and Victoria British and sells for $120 at TRF! The spring is not available. There is a replacement pump without a manual lever for only $30. I probably could bend the spring back into shape, but I'm leaning against doing anything. Is that spring really necessary?

I'll probably buy the $30 pump and keep it with all the other spare parts I carry, but I'm curious about the original pump.

Tim Gaines
Clinton, SC
1974 TR6
1980 Spitfire

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