[TR] TR3 Seat Pan and TR3 Windshield Frame

Doug Mathews mathews at uga.edu
Fri May 25 01:03:22 MDT 2018

Getting down to about the last of my old TR parts.  Each will goe to the 
first person who lets me know they want them. No charge, just the 
shipping costs and they will be shipped from Athens, Ga.

First is a TR3 seat pan for the driver side I think since it does not 
fold and has the adjustment lever on the right side. You can tell the 
condition from the photos and it would be some work but in general it 
appears fairly solid. The link to pictures is: 

Second is a _partial_ TR3 windshield frame. It currently has glass in it 
but the glass is cracked in multiple places which will be removed before 
The link to pictures is: https://photos.app.goo.gl/LmQVpDdpBaL6LWBQ6

I'd like to get these moved out fairly quickly and if no one ask for 
them by June 1, I'll just take what is unclaimed to our scrap metal place.

Thanks and happy motoring.
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