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TERRY SMITH terryrs at comcast.net
Thu May 17 08:18:54 MDT 2018

When I dismantled my wobbly, rusted '59 TR3 in 2004, it had been sitting in a shed since 1974.  I took snapshots of everything to help me remember how to put it back together.  Since then, I've looked at countless other pictures searched from various sources as I repaired this or that.  I imagine we all have.  What I never realized and didn't realize I didn't realize until I realized it...heh heh...was that the return spring for the accelerator linkage connects to a little tab on the firewall. 

All these years I'd been using a hole I'd drilled into the manifold heat shield with a guesstimated spring strength.  The angle I'd been using was seems to me weaker.  Plus the replacement spring I ordered is about 25% stiffer than the one I'd been using. Result was the car never consistently dropped back to true idle. 

Now for the first time I'm probably getting the true "feel" of how an original TR3 operated. 

We keep learning new stuff, huh?

Terry Smith, '59 TR3A  TS 58667

New Hampshire

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