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Dan Forgey cofrog at q.com
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The adapters take two o rings, on larger and one smaller. The larger one would be the same diameter as supplied with the old stock filters I believe. However the large one for the adapter is rubber while, as I recall, the one with the original filter is of a fiber type material. As I think about that I'm not sure if that statement is correct. If now days the old fiber type are rubber, or they always were, please let me know. Do you use the thick or thin one? 



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Dan - 
It has been a lot of years since I installed mine so refresh my memory -- are these the same o-rings that were typically supplied with the oil filter cartridges? 

Seems like most cartridges came with two (thick & thin). When I had a need for one for a spin-on adapter on my other Britcar I had a few friends bring their collections of extras to Tuesday coffee and I had several to choose from that fit well. 


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Does anyone supply replacement O rings for the spin on oil filter adapter for a TR4? 



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