[TR] TR4A fuel tank and line

TERRY SMITH terryrs at comcast.net
Fri May 4 06:21:04 MDT 2018

Hi, John.  As I'm reading this, all parts are metal, with no rubber hosing.  You've removed the gas tank, looked inside and it's clean, but the nickle-copper fuel line is clogged...at least it was until you flushed it clean.  I seem to remember reading the experience of others about lining old fuel tanks, that many lining processes don't hold up.  In any case, what it sounds like to me is that the coatings that were put into your tank to restore it broke down and lodged as sediment in your fuel line as the fuel pump tried valiantly move the sludge to your carbs...and thankfully couldn't.  I seem to remember reading the experience of others about lining old fuel tanks, that many lining processes don't hold up.  

Now as to your tank looking clean, it sounds like the liners came off, but might leave one wondering why they were lined in the first place?  Pinholes near the top or something?

Congratulations on catching the sludge in the fuel line!

> On May 3, 2018 at 1:34 PM John Deluca <john-marie at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Listers, 
> Recently asked about fuel tank sources.  Am now questioning if the fuel tank is the problem.  The initial problem was that the before-the-pump filter continued to clog with crap that I assumed was coming from the tank.  The tank had been cleaned and coated twice.  I decided to get a new tank.  The crap I find in the fuel line and clogging the filter is soft and smears when rubbed between fingers.  Largest pieces are about twice the size of a pinhead.  Light green in color on one side and black on the other.  Drained the last gal through the fuel line to just before the pump.  Got a lot of crap.  Removed the tank but could not see any of the crap in bottom and no evidence of coating flaking off.  This was my first seed of doubt.  Then proceeded to put alcohol in the line and blow it out with compressed air.  Got quite a bit of crap.  Took about 10 flushes to run clean.  Pulled the fuel line connecting to the tank.  Found a greenish coating inside the line.  Purchased the  fuel line from Vic Brit in 2014.  Believe they are nickel-copper.  The easy to bend kind.  Probably installed within a year of purchase, while chassis was free of body.  Car has just 2000 miles.  New filters clog after 200-300 miles.
> Called Vic Brit.  Told me there are no complaints on the lines.
> Right now, I’m thinking the old tank is OK and the problem is the fuel line.  But, having a hard time convincing myself this is the case.
> As always, any thoughts, suggestions, etc. will be appreciated.
> John DeLuca
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