[TR] Tr3, conversion from capillary tube to electrically sensedwater temperature gauge

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Wed May 2 22:51:16 MDT 2018

> Isn't there a "fix" to replace the tube with a part from NAPA? Not the
> entire gauge, but just the capillary tube? I remember reading about
> such a fix, but can't find it in my bookmarks.

There is.  Basically, you buy an entire new gauge and keep the bulb cold (so
most of the ether stays inside) while you quickly cut and graft the line to
the old gauge.  Here's one write-up, I'm sure there are more:

Should work, provided the leak is not inside the gauge, and the gauge
mechanism still works.  Mine have all had the mechanism damaged by
overheating, so I've never tried this approach.

On a side note, something I have never seen before: Last summer, I installed
a cheap temp gauge in my Ferguson tractor.  Somehow the line got bumped, and
I actually saw the ether dripping out of the joint between the line and
gauge.  It lasted just long enough to leave a spot smaller than a pencil
eraser on the surface below, then evaporated without a trace.  Only a few
drops (that I saw) before the bulb was dry.

-- Randall

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