[TR] Is this a first?

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Many years ago when raking hay with an open tractor, I opened up a ground
nest of either yellow jackets or some other hornet family. Even banging the
tractor into high gear and screaming across the field in high gear at a
stately 18 MPH wasn't enough to stay ahead of them. I'm not sure what hurt
more - getting stung or slapping myself in the head to kill them.


Many years ago when working around the house in shorts, a wasp flew up a
pant leg and decided to start stinging. Again, I'm not sure what hurt more -
slapping myself in the male anatomy area or getting stung. All I know is
that I could have been a member of a freak show at a circus for several
days.  Alright, I can hear some of you guys laughing now!


But, no joke. Getting hit with stingers when driving can be disastrous. Even
getting a bug in an eye is serious. And for those who are seriously allergic
to stings - no more needs to be said.


Alex Thomson


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Sunday afternoon, 5pm: after doing yard work all day, I decided to take my
small-mouth TR3 out for a spin.  Coming up a country road at around 80, I
felt a sharp pain in my neck, followed shortly thereafter by an equally
sharp pain in my chest.  A wasp (or hornet, or whatever) had flown down my
open-neck shirt and wasn't happy.  Neither was I !!


Trying to stop the car and extricate myself from my four-point harness while
being stung must have been a  hilarious picture!


Finally I pulled over and removed the little so-and-so from my abdominal


I am allergic to all kinds of stings, so here I am with 4 enormous welts
ranging from my neck to my navel.


But don't we love our little British cars  J


Andrew Uprichard

Jackson, Michigan

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