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Randall tr3driver at ca.rr.com
Tue Jul 31 18:10:23 MDT 2018

What seems to work for me is to tin more than is necessary, and then put heat shrink tubing over the transition (from tinned to untinned) so that section doesn't flex.
-- Randall

On 31 July 2018 17:08:11 GMT-04:00, TERRY SMITH <terryrs at comcast.net> wrote:
>Oh.  A quick side exchange with Bill (Thanks Bill), reminded me of a
>question I've been meaning to ask.
>TR3 switches often (always?) use bare wire ends screwed into switch
>contacts.  I've never had a problem with the connections breaking the
>wire behind the instrument panel.  But I have more or less regularly
>had the OverDrive switch break at the connection over time.  Simply,
>the bare wire must vibrate enough to eventually cause the strands to
>I could easily solder the ends before screwing them down, but ISTR
>reading here that that solution only causes the break to happen above
>the tinning.  
>Any suggestions how to break-proof this?
>Thanks again, everyone,
>Terry Smith, '59 TR3A
>New Hampshire
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