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Another check is to determine the fuel level in the jet.  You can remove the suction dome and the piston with the needle connected to it.  Then look down into the jet orifice.  You should see the fuel level about 1/8" below the top of the jet. If it is too far down it will not get pulled up into the jet by the venturi effect of the carb....


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> WOWZA!! ?
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> back to basics, cleaned points, replaced condenser, replaced bad coil and the video ( with a squirt of starter fluif ) catches.  But not with just fuel.  So to track down delivery problem next?
>  *   Fuel in the filter
>  *   Fuel in the float bowls
>  *   Plugs are dry when cranked, would expect them to be a little wet
>  *   Not smelling of gas either
> General thoughts to look for tomorrow?  Had the butterflies and the piston up when cranking so far??.
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> David

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