[TR] Looking for ZS 175 CD choke gaskets. State side

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Fri Jul 27 16:35:41 MDT 2018

Hello David,

On my set for the Stag. there appears to be a third hole. (Closer to the
top). This third hole goes all the way through to the mixing chamber and is
only partially covered by the disc. I'm thinking that this is a place where
air from the outside can be drawn in and the gasket will help here.


On Fri, Jul 27, 2018 at 12:40 PM, DAVID MASSEY <dave1massey at cs.com> wrote:

> On the TR6 carbs the metering disc (choke thingy) is spring loaded and
> will push into the choke body when assembled to the carb body.  In this
> way, the disc applies constant pressure against the body.  When the chock
> is disengaged the fuel source is blocked off but the disc.  When the engine
> is off the port is above the float bowl level.  When it is running there is
> a slight depression at that point.  This combination means there is very
> little seepage even without the gasket.
> But if you can get gaskets, use them.
> Dave Massey
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> It seems that later carbs didn't make use of a gasket between choke
> mechanism and carb.  but I noticed with a late  carb set I have the choke
> thingy doesn't seen to sit flat against the body.
> I only need these gaskets and don't want to buy a kit
> SOC spare in the UK sells standalone gaskets.
> https://socspares.co.uk/store/search?controller=search&
> orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=12405&submit_search=
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