[TR] TR3A OD Wiring Harness Install

Jim Henningsen trguy75 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 14:58:56 MDT 2018

Is there anyone out there knowledgeable on installing the OD wiring harness
on an A Type in my 61 TR3A that would be willing to chat with me.  My car
was not hooked up correctly for OD when I purchased it last year.  Tranny
just rebuilt and installed.  New Lucas OD relay was installed by PO but
wiring harness was never installed - go figure??  OD switch is installed
with two leads going to OD relay.  I have a new harness from TRF.  I am
going by the wiring diagram in the TR3 owners handbook manual and want to
confirm the setup listed there.

Wires currently installed to relay by PO which look incorrect based on

C1 - Nothing
C2 - one wire to solenoid on tranny OD
C4 - 1 wire from OD switch on dash
W1 - one wire to body ground
W2 - 1 wire from OD switch on dash and 1 wire from starter push button (hot
when ignition on)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

Jim Henningsen
Ocala, FL
61 TR3A "Neville"
62 TR4 "Simon"
75 TR6 "Molly"
82 Jeep CJ8 "Big Red"

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