[TR] Vestigal Brown Wire?

Tom Walling pdqtr6 at comcast.net
Wed Jul 11 16:36:39 MDT 2018

Quick question... I have a '73 TR6 with a 3 wire plug connection alternator (Lucas 18ACR). I have recently discovered a mystery wire flopping around in the general vicinity of the alternator. I never noticed it before partly because it was covered in baked-on grunge, and partly because it is fairly short after leaving the wiring loom tape. I suspect it may be the "voltage sensing line" (Book of Masters, Chapter 13, page 54) and it has no function with a 3 wire alternator, however, there is an opening in the rear cover that is just the right size for the connector to go in, and a terminal spade inside. I have run the car this way for at least 20 years without any noticeable problems, but I does bother me that I have this unused brown wire.


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