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Might be worth reaching out to Charles Runyan at TRF?
Given the NC programs to make the bits, he has access to manufacturing facilities. 
Assuming enough demand, of course.
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 hi guys and galsi was the guy who started making specialty CNC parts for our cars after Bob Danielson was having problems with blanking plates and wheel spacers.all done because of this very cool internet tool. and i see Jim is moving on. thank you Jim. i love this. as stated earlier i find it a lot more personal than facebook.back to the plot.i had access to some very accurate CNC machines back then and i was able to reverse engineer some really nice parts.there was always a lot of "this part may fit from a 19xx (insert make and model).what a lot of folks found was that those parts would usually nearly fit, sometimes good enough.im proud that mine fitted perfect.now i have moved away from the manufacturing facility i used to run so my access to the CNC machine has been lost.so i have only a few parts left. and then they will be gone, most likely forever.here is what started my little venture.
i didn't?make a fortune making these parts, but i made some friends that have continued to last to this day. really good friends that made it all worth while.

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