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Geo Hahn ahwahneetr at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 17:27:05 MDT 2018

Fan replacement is just a matter of the 4 bolts - though there may be a
pair of locking tabs to undo depending on who has been there before and
what they did.

Certainly opening the petcock (or removing it entirely) should be part of
any flush.  You may find it is clogged in which case fiddling in there with
a bamboo skewer, stiff wire or even a drill may loosen things up.  As for
where the water will come out if you put it into the heater hose connection
- pretty much everywhere.

Have you assessed the condition of the timing chain and determined it & the
sprockets are worn?

But what caught my eye was this statement...

I would fill up the radiator, and go for a drive...overheat and fluid gone
> upon return....

The question is where did the fluid go?  If there was no obvious leaking or
white smoke then there may be a failed head gasket letting coolant into the
cylinders and out the exhaust.  A leak significant to show as coolant loss
and overheating would not necessary have any visible traces in the
exhaust.  One advantage of have antifreeze is that such a leak may be
smelled more easily than it is seen.

But I am not sure there is much you can do to test that possiblity (short
of head removal) at this point in disassembly.

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