[TR] VTR convention 2018 IMPORTANT trailer information.

Philip Ethier pethier7 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 10:18:12 MDT 2018

Hello, Triumph enthusiast!

My name is Phil Ethier.  I am not officially in charge of trailer-parking
for the VTR convention.  I am the autocross chair, and I myself have a
20-foot car hauler.  I have been to the designated trailer-parking area in
La Crosse and have seen the possible pitfalls and traps for rigs like ours.

If you are not going to bring a trailer to the VTR, I am sorry to have
bothered you with this message.

If you are towing a small luggage trailer with your Triumph, you should be
just fine going to the hotel parking lot on 2nd street.

If you are towing your Triumph on/in a car-trailer, I STRONGLY urge you not
to approach the hotel with your rig.  Go to the trailer park first, and
drive either your Triumph or your tow vehicle to the hotel to check in for
the convention.  There are pitfalls in approaching the parking site, so
please read this entire message.

The trailer park is located at

Oktoberfest Grounds

1 Oktoberfest Strasse, La Crosse, WI 54601

Parking is the triangular area on the northeast end of the site.

Do NOT go up Front St N to park your trailer, as this will put you on the
wrong side of the Oktoberfest grounds.

I suggest you approach the La Crosse area on I-90.

Going either eastbound or westbound on I-90, take Exit 3 to go southbound
on US 53.  This eventually becomes 3rd Street North.

Do NOT turn right on 2nd Street North.  This would bring you to an ugly
270-degree right turn to the trailer park.

Do NOT turn right on La Crosse Street.  This would bring you to jog to the
right setting you up for a 90-degree left into the same ugly 270-degree
right turn to the trailer park.  Instead, at this intersection, follow the
road as it veers right and remains US 53 and 3rd Street North.

You may turn right at Pine Street.  This is a one-block street that will
bring you to a tee at 2nd Street North.  You will have a simple stop sign
and 2nd Street North does not.  I can't predict whether traffic will be a


Next is Vine Street, which is much the same as Pine.


Next is State Street.  A right turn here will bring you up to full
traffic-signal lights at 2nd Street North.

Whichever you choose, turn right to go northbound on 2nd Street North.
northbound.  When you approach La Crosse Street, where all traffic normally
turns right, instead stay to your left and enter the Oktoberfest grounds,
driving past the DEAD END sign.  Continue past the decorated building on
your left and continue straight through the gate into the triangular
parking lot.

Do whatever you like to proceed to the hotel in a single-unit vehicle.  This
is a simple drive southbound on 2nd Street North, which becomes 2nd Street
South at Main Street.  Turn right into the parking lot at Main.  Main will
be a full street on your left and a no-cars pedestrian mall on your right.  The
entrance to the Radisson Hotel is immediately adjacent to this mall.

I'm looking forward to seeing you at the convention.  We can lift a cool
beverage and bench-tow about all the weird predicaments we have gotten into
when nobody bothered to tell us what to expect.   I have stories, and I
expect that you have, too!

Feel free to email me at pethier7 at gmail.gov with any questions or comments.
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