[TR] More progress

David Templeton davidt at opentext.com
Mon Jan 29 08:49:04 MST 2018

Morning all

Radiator overflow fabricated into the car. Fabricating the electric fan harness is progressing.


When I hooked up the battery, I red light on the dash is dimly on???  But I am getting no power to the front of the car.  I originally tapped into the hot side of the horn and there is no voltage.  I tried pressing the horn and they didn't squawk.  The starter can kick over and there are dash lights so the system is active in parts.  I verified the relay and fan, they are good.  Any initial thoughts to help direct my investigation?

I finally pumped out the gas. The upside is I was never sure if I put fuel stabilizer in. I guess I did :). Not back for 12yrs, that give me hope for the fuel system not being gummed up. About 4l came out of the tank.

Thanks in advance
'59 tr3a - bringing her back to life

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