[TR] Oil Pressure Gauge Line

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Its truly astounding how much a few quarts of oil looks like when its scattered about or on the floor


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I cant agree more. My 63 TR4 sprung a leak in the garage during break in and tuning after a full restoration. I never thought to replace that flex line and while I was in the drivers seat I saw the OP go to zero. Shutting off the ignition, I then looked at the nice once clean engine compartment to find about 1/2 of the sump oil covering the engine and dripping on the floor. I went to my computer and ordered  new a new line from TRF and also one for my TR3. Once was enough.


On 01/27/2018 05:41 PM, Dave wrote:

Do you really want to trust a repair in the oil sense line?  Spring a leak there and you can slowly empty the sump while still reading proper oil pressure.  For my money I'd get a new one.  



Dave Massey



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