[TR] p700 lights with sidelight

Tim Gaines mtgaines at presby.edu
Fri Jan 26 05:55:21 MST 2018

I like your suggestion about using LED lighting Jeff. After giving up on Radio Shack some years ago for "bright" LEDs for home path and other decorative lighting, I found several online sources and bought a "kit" of a few hundred LEDs of different colors for about $12. It came with step-down resistors, and the LEDs are far brighter than the old ones. Because of their tiny current drain (and the fact think these lights are way cool) I am thinking of creating some kind of engine compartment lighting circuit for inspection work or maybe just "ground effects." I'm an old fart, but I like lighting, and these LED circuits are so simple and cheap!

Tim Gaines
Clinton, SC
1974 TR6
1980 Spitfire

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> Save your money Jeff. You don't need a resistor unless you're trying to get the turn signal light on the dash (well... speedo) to work when the marker lights are on.

The resistor is to drop the voltage for the LED...  :)  But thanks for
the suggestion!

-- Jeff

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