[TR] TR3A Fog/Spot Light Relay(s)

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Thanks Randall. As usual you were extremely helpful.  When the new relays arrive later this week, I will follow your suggestion to use the space in the passenger footwell - perhaps using the dash facia bracket as a mounting point.  The wires from the switch are already routed along the firewall behind the heater so inserting the relays there means I can utilize the feed to the front of the car and not need to run new lines.


On Jan 23, 2018, 4:13 AM, at 4:13 AM, Randall <TR3driver at ca.rr.com> wrote:
>There is some (small) advantage in minimizing the overall length of the
>wire, but otherwise no advantage to placing the relay near the powered
>device.  In other words, having 4 feet of wire supplying power to the
>contacts, and 1 foot from relay to load; is _exactly_ the same as
>having 1
>foot supplying power to contacts, and 4 feet to the load.  Either way,
>current flows through 4 feet of wire.
>And if you do need to use a longer run of wire, just go up a size or
>two.  8
>feet of 10 AWG is about the same resistance as 5 feet of 12 AWG.
>I used to run 90/120 watt halogen headlights, with the relay mounted by
>control box, and that worked out fine.
>That said, this time around I wanted a slightly stealthier installation
>used 4 relays instead of just 1), so I mounted them on the back of the
>headlight buckets.
>Totally invisible when assembled, but access is just removing the 3
>that hold the bucket into the front apron.
>I don't have a photo to share; but the relays that implement my
>tail/stop/turn lights are mounted to a bracket fastened to the panel
>the brake and clutch master cylinders.  And the relay for the electric
>is mounted to the inner wing above the driver's left knee.
>Yet another hidden spot is on the passenger side, between the glove
>compartment and the firewall. (That's where I put the circuit breakers
>the headlights.)
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