[TR] Rear Hub Bearing Replacement

Bob Danielson 75tr6 at tr6.danielsonfamily.org
Wed Jan 17 12:25:07 MST 2018

I’ll vouch for the Goodparts CVJs…. They’ve been on my car for 10 years now with no problems.

We do have a fellow in the 6-Pack Forum (Phil) who rebuilds hubs…. I believe he magnafluxes them before rebuilding….. lots of positive comments in the forum and he does it at a very reasonable price. Hop on over to www.6-Pack.org .. free to register and post your question.


Bob Danielson
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Subject: [TR] Rear Hub Bearing Replacement

   I’m considering replacing the rear hub bearings in my TR6 as preventative maintenance.  The hubs have about a 100,000 miles and 46 years on them and my thought is to replace them before they seize and ruin a perfectly good day of cruising.

  As far as I understand, I have three different options:
	1. Just send the hubs out to replace the bearings. (I don’t have the proper tools to do it myself) 
	2. Replace the hubs and half shafts with Goodparts replacements  - expensive  
	3. Replace the hubs and half shafts with the Goodparts CV joint replacement - also expensive.
	I don’t seem to have any symptoms of the splines wearing on my present half shafts, but I’ve hear of others ho have had wear problems with the splines.  Is there any real upside to the CV joint half shaft replacement over the splined half shafts?
	Also, If anyone has good a good reference for an outfit to replace the hub bearings I’d appreciate it. I know that improper separation of the hub can ruin it.
	Best wishes,
	’72 TR6

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