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Sat Jan 6 17:05:34 MST 2018

I must have been lucky with my Healey 100.  It has a 4 psi cap, and overflow tube to the ground, and a similar type round core heater as a TR3.  I swapped to a 7 pound cap and sealed coolant recovery system and the only adjustment I needed to make was tightening one hose clamp.  This was back before we had the interwebs to tell us how foolish what sounded like a good idea at the time was.  

I am not suggesting you try what I did, probably better to stick to manufacturer's specifications, or start going down the road of "if I modify this I better also modify that"

Greg Lemon 
---- Joe DeMuth <jdemuth at mac.com> wrote: 
> We had a fellow in our club attempt to use a coolant bottle and new radiator cap designed for a pressurized system. All was fine until the vacuum created when  everything cooled off. The vacuum created in the system collapsed the heater core to the point that the spring clips that contain it fell off. The next time he drove the car the heater core started to expand like an accordion. Fortunately the tranny tunnel contained it and he noticed. He found the clips on the floor of the passenger leg well. Luckily the heater core did not spring a leak.
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