[TR] TR3 Coolant Bypass Hose

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That practice is from manufacturing the after-market hose longer by the non-OEM manufacturer than needed so it is typically trimmed to fit on both ends.  

I know that from working on the equipment that was making the hoses at two different manufacturers locations.

However not all hoses are made longer than needed, in particular if they are coming out of the OEM – Automotive labeled direct replacement part market they are made to fit without modification.


Unfortunately at the distributor you have some unthinking monkey adding the tag like that because “that’s the way we always did it”.   


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Many hoses seem come that way these days, that’s how they hang them up in the auto parts store.  It should be past where it seals.




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     I ordered a new coolant bypass hose from Moss (834-270) and when it arrived I found that it had been perforated to attach a price tag or something with a little nylon tag like they use on socks & Levis. I was dumbfounded. Jpeg attached. It appears to come from the manufacturer that way. The sticker says McKay Automotive CH4188. Anyway, I am going to let Moss know that this is unacceptable.

     Caveat Emptor!


     -Bill in Tehachapi


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