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I have offered David my EZ-Lift with first dibbs, but in case he does not does not buy mine, I have an EZ Lift I will sell to get it out of my garage.


http://ezcarlift.com/  and note that a new EZ Car Lift sells for $1700 plus $150 shipping.


So save at a whopping Grand ($1000)  off the New price that you can use for other car parts or other EZ Car Lift Accessories like castors, ramp extensions etc. etc. etc.


I currently have a Classic Lift – 4 poster and have no need for the EZ Car Lift– well unless my 4 poster is occupied like it is now with my Stag  and I need to urgently do work on the TR250 or one of my Jaguars – yes, it lifts my XJ8’s no problem.  J 


Glenn Merrell  

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Remember, “the BEST trophies are: Miles on the Odometer; Stone chips in the paint; and DEAD BUGS on the windscreen … with the occasional smell of manure!”



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On August 28, 2017 4:44 PM Stuart Greenwood wrote


The left and right  main frame members  of the TR and Spitfire cars are close together and this issue, I think, renders all the lifts like Bendipack quick lift and Ezcarlift not suitable. With these lifts you have to lift on the out riggers which are welded to the main frame members and hence not the strongest part of the frame. 


I am guessing you are just stating an opinion here rather than relating an experience. My Ezcarlift fully supports the car on the main frame rails of my TR4, just behind the front wheels and just in front of the rear wheels. While I have not used it yet on the TR6, I know Bob Danielson reports his TR6 is supported just fine. This is not intended to refute the use of the products you cite, but to counter the negative statement about the Ezcarlift.


Keith Stewart

keithstewart at bell.net




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