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Bill Brewer billbrewer59 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 27 18:05:08 MDT 2017

     Two years ago I bought a Dannmar MaxJax two post lift from Costco for $1800 delivered (880 pounds!). I don't see it on Costco's website anymore. Anyway, I use it constantly now. It is a short lift because I only have 8 foot headroom in my shop. I scoot around under my cars on a little wheeled stool from Harbor Freight.


     And damn! These guys have it for $1699 with free shipping.


     This lift is semi-removable, although I doubt I ever will. I plan to do a permanent install on the controls and get the soft hoses off of the floor...

     -Bill Brewer
     Tehachapi, CA

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In my old age I'm getting tired of lugging 2x's around to get the car 
high enough to wheel a jack and jack stands underneath. I may break down 
and buy a car lift. Do you guys and gals have a favorite product? Anyone 
use this:



David Brady

TR250, CD8124L

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