[TR] Fwd: Valve noise?

Dave dave1massey at cs.com
Mon Aug 21 06:50:13 MDT 2017

My escort made a horrendous noise when it happened.  I guess you can pull the plugs and the rockershaft assembly and rotate the engine and see if the noise is still there.  Pulling the head may be the next step.



Dave Massey  (Missed you at VTR)



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Yes, new seats.  I was thinking one got loose too.

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From: Dave <dave1massey at cs.com>
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Did you have hardened valve seats installed?  If so one possibility is the seat came loose.  I had that happen on a Ford Escort (aluminum head). 

Dave Massey

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Subject: [TR] Fwd: Valve noise?

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From: Peter Arakelian

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Subject: Valve noise?

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>From the right rear of the cylinder head, I am getting a loud clatter.  Not like rocker arm tapping on valve, much louder. Goes with rpm's.  Whatcha think?  Please respond to me directly, too, I am on digest, would like to know without the wait.  Thanx in advance.

Peter Arakelian - 71 TR6

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