[TR] Fuel pump problems

John Macartney john.macartney at ukpips.org.uk
Mon Aug 21 03:35:05 MDT 2017

I'd look at two issues here. The first is sticking needle valves in the
float chambers. Remove them, brush the fins with fine sandpaper, do the same
to the float valve guides and then re-assemble.

The second is the pump itself. The mechanical pump is notoriously reliable
but they do wear out. A fuel pump repair kit is both cheap and easy to use.
What I'd also have a look at are the various rubber fuel lines from the tank
to the pump and onwards to the carbs. When leaded fuel was finally outlawed
in the UK in 2000, many owners with the fuel injected TR5 and 6 found tiny
pieces of rubber either blocking the mesh filters in the metering unit or in
the injectors themselves. This was caused by the chemical make-up of
unleaded versus leaded fuel in which UNleaded attacked fuel line rubbers
after a lifetime diet of leaded and this caused them to effectively dissolve
into microscopic particles. But this didn't happen to just PI Triumphs. It
was the same for any classic car that had had prolonged use on leaded fuel.
Only you know what fuel diet your car has had in its lifetime and it may be
that the ethanol in US fuels is doing a similar thing? Remedy here is to
strip out all the old rubber hoses and fit new. Shouldn't be a costly or
time-consuming thing to do.


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