[TR] Triumph TR6 Headlight Problem

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Sat Aug 19 19:41:44 MDT 2017

> My Triumph TR6 has a working low beam on the drivers side - 
> high beam doesn't work
> The passenger side has a working high beam and the low beam 
> doesn't work.
> It isn't the headlights, so I'm baffled as to what could be 
> causing this.

Gotta be wiring problems somewhere, probably between the low/main switch and
the headlights.  Get a test lamp and a wiring diagram, start chasing.  I
would probably start at the 4-way bullet sleeves, where the 3 UW and 3 UR
wires come together as I've had them break internally before.  But it could
also be a bad wire, or a bad contact at the bulb, etc.

Connect the ground wire from the test lamp to a good ground, then probe
something you know is hot to make sure the lamp & ground are good.  Turn on
the circuit, then probe each of the 3 wires as it leaves the 4-way
connector.  If one or more has power and the others don't, the connector is
probably bad.

If it seems like I'm talking in tongues; get a copy of Dan Master's book on
TR6 wiring.  I hear it has lots of good troubleshooting information for
electrical neophytes.

-- Randall

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