[TR] Are any of your kids driving Triumphs?

Jason Sukey jsukey at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 14:08:41 MDT 2017


As the 36 year old "kid" of a Triumph guy, I encourage you to include your
sons in the garage time if they are showing any interest in the cars at
their early age.  Allow them to become invested in the project now, even if
only in terms of time and emotion.

I was included in the garage time from the first day my dad brought home a
TR6 when I was 11 -  by the time I was permitted to take it out
unsupervised at age 16, I had so much "invested" in it, that it helped me
resist many of of the unwise things my teenage brain was telling me to do
behind the wheel .....add to that the opportunity to learn about working on
cars AND spending some pretty cool time with dad.

Not every kid is interested in this sort of thing, but if they are,
certainly allow them to become a part of it!


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> I have a 14 year old boy. I drive a Stag but am working on a second Stag
> which I plan for him and his younger brother to have and drive one day.
> Sujit
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