[TR] Overdrive Update

TERRY SMITH terryrs at comcast.net
Sun Aug 6 16:01:02 MDT 2017

The two of you who suggested slippage on the adjusting lever were right.  I had adjusted the pinch actuating lever according to the book and was pleased with the OD working as it should.  ...for one day.  Then it stopped/started/stopped.  Today I pulled the tranny tunnel (again)  (did I say again?)  (I should say, again) and watched as I operated the OD switch.  The solenoid engaged, but nothing mechanical moved.  The actuating lever was rotating but not turning anything.  Inspection showed you were right.  The pincher metal had closed to max, but hadn't tightened. 

Pulled it off, degreased everything just in case, and used a reciprocating saw to "file" a broader gap into the actuating lever.  Roughed it up a bit inside to give it better grip, and reinstalled.

Readjusted (according to the book...and no, Randall, I do NOT want to know the truth that the book doesn't tell all because ignorance is so much more comfortable!).  Engagement brings the pin to hole on the other side in perfect alignment.  Disengagement is slow, but as was mentioned somewhere here, that is likely because the OD is not actually working. 

If I get two days out of this, it'll be 100% improvement.  If I get three days, it's 200% improvement.  If I get four, that's called a winning streak.  It has happened.  (Major League 2).

Thank you, everyone, for your help.  Actually washed and waxed the car today.  That's been on hold pending sorting and long overdue.

Terry Smith, '59 TR3A  TS 58667

New Hampshire, where cutting firewood all week has been an intense workout and fun in an intensely self-masochistic way. 
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