[TR] Pesky exhaust leak

hdrider570 at att.net hdrider570 at att.net
Wed Nov 30 14:02:28 MST 2016

I would check the boot seal as well.  It is very common for exhaust to 
enter the car through the seal, or lack there of, once the top is 
installed when the exhaust terminates through a straight (rather than 
turned down) pipe just below the bumper.

It is usually most noticeable when there is only one window open.

If your exhaust leak is so small you have to spray soapy water on a 
pressurized system to find it it is very unlikely that it is leaking 
enough to get into the car.  Think of all the exhaust systems with a 
small hole in the muffler drilled by the manufacturer to release water 
from inside the pipe.

Edward Hamer
Petaluma CA

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