[TR] Pesky exhaust leak

Dave Connitt dconnitt at fuse.net
Tue Nov 29 16:57:11 MST 2016

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving last week. I haven't had a chance
to post much to the list but thought I would pass this on.

I have been enjoying my TR4A quite a bit this last driving season but am now
faced with about one more decent weekend until the dreaded white stuff
starts showing up. At that point, I can start doing some maintenance on a
few things I have come across.

One issue is that last year, the plastic cap on my clutch master cylinder
split, spilling dot3 brake fluid all over the master cylinder mounting
bracket and the top of the firewall where it sits. I have all the paint but
just couldn't bring myself to fix it while the weather was nice. 

The second issue is something I just noticed since I have been driving
around with the top up. I have an exhaust leak somewhere as I smell like a
tailpipe after about 30 minutes of driving with the top up. I have a
stainless steel exhaust with a 4 into 1 header terminating into dual exhaust
pipes. I have been trying to figure out a way to find the leak with the car
on the ground but that is hopeless. I did see something on YouTube though
that I am going to try. This guy used his shop vac with the hose plugged
into the exhaust instead of the suction end by connecting the hose to his
tail pipe, turning on the shop vac and then sprayed soapy water at each
joint until he found the leak. I guess I will have to get the car up on jack
stands to do it but it should work.

Finally, I bought a combination water temp./oil pressure gauge that fits
into the dash to replace my crappy temperature guage with the idea of using
the empty hole in the dash to add a oil temperature gauge. I have an
aluminum sump which has a bung for a sensor but the hole is just a tiny bit
too small to get the sender into the sump so I will have to remove the sump,
drill out the hole a bit and re-install it.

If I get all that done this winter it would be awesome.

Oh, and I found a rebuilt A-type overdrive that I will be picking up
sometime around February. 

Sounds like a busy winter for Dave.


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