[TR] Spigot (pilot bush) Question

Harrymague at aol.com Harrymague at aol.com
Sat Nov 26 19:18:44 MST 2016

Hey guys.  After I did a major engine upgrade this  spring, the car 
developed a noise whenever I put the clutch in when going to 2nd  to 3rd to 4th 
gear.  It felt like it was not coming from the engine but the  clutch.  Once 
engaged in gear, the vibration went away.  When I did  the engine mod, I 
replaced the clutch.  I did nothing to the  transmission.  When I did the clutch, 
I replaced the rear engine seal and  the spigot bushing.  
I am now replacing my old rusted frame with a Ratco one.   With the engine 
out and the transmission off,  am trying to figure the  noise out.  One of 
my thoughts that the new clutch was faulty.  I had  the fly wheel, clutch 
plate, and pressure plate checked to make sure they were  not out of balance.  
All check good.  When I explained my problem to  the machinist, he suggested 
that the bushing could cause that problem.   When I checked it in the 
flywheel, it moved easily.  When I checked it on  the trans shaft it was loose.  
Several of my club members thought it might  be too loose.  I order another 
one and also order one from a different  supplier.  Now I checked both 
bushing on the trans shaft and they indeed  were tighter.  I go install it in the 
flywheel, and I have to tap it  in.  Checking the manual, it says "Fit the 
spigot bush into the back of the  flywheel ensuring that it is a loose fit". 
 It is not a loose fit in fact  it is a very tight fit.  
Has anybody had a similar problem?  Any thoughts on the  pilot bush being 
very tight in the flywheel and not being "loose?
Thanks in advance.
Harry Mague
Beavercreek, OH
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