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I'll weigh in with my thoughts. In 1998 I test drove  a boxster and thought it was ok, wanted to drive the Mercedes SLK but they didn't have one in stock. Shortly after that I read that Honda was coming out with a new two seater. Having bought a couple of Accords from the same salesman, I bugged him until I ended up getting one of the first S2000's in Orlando. Seventeen years later it's still awesome. I've had to replace passenger side window motor, clutch master cylinder, and the radiator. No other issues. I did replace the plastic windowed top with a glass rear windowed one. Only made for ten years and available. I like the new Jag F type convertible, but need them to come way down in price. Until then I just keep driving the S2000 and loving it
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> On Nov 24, 2016, at 1:27 PM, dave n <dave at ranteer.com> wrote:
> my brother has a boxter.  I think its an early one.  I also think it’s a lousy car.  slow.  it does handle well, though.  he also says that the moment he walks in a dealership its $1,000, and parts start at $100.  that’s why they are so cheap now; the maintenance on any German car will kill you.
> this is a little off topic, but I’ve been looking at 370Zs.  I think it’s a fabulous car for the money, and comes in a convertible and manual transmission.  my daughter had a 350z, and I really loved that car.  I don’t think either will ever be worth much.
> and, to continue totally off topic, I have always had a hankering for the 85 Toyota Celica convertible; the last of the rear wheel drive Celicas.  I looked at one new back in 85.  those were the days of the limits of japanese car imports, so dealers were putting on $5,000 called ADM  (added dealer markup) and getting it.  that car stickered back then at $24,000.  yikes!!!
> I recently test drove one outside of Philadelphia.  today its an out of date boxy looking slow car.  worth about $5k.  I’m glad I test drove it because now I don’t want one anymore . . .
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>      I periodically think about what will be the next classic, the car I should have bought at the bottom of the depreciation cycle. Lots of things I wanted to buy in the past have shot or are shooting out of my range. I remember looking at Aston Martin DB4’s for under $20K and Ferrari 250GT’s for around $40K. I had a friend pick up a 246 Dino that was like new for $23K in 1989.
>      I have been watching Jag XK8 prices and Porsche Boxster prices and am amazed at how low they are getting. Clean Jags are around 8 or $10K and Boxsters are going for between 6 and $10K. I know that the Jags have timing tensioner issues and Nikasil cylinder coating problems that pop up at about 80,000 miles and that appears to be about the time people try to sell them. What about Boxsters? Lots of them are for sale with about 100,000 miles on them. Are they ticking time bombs on maintenance? Do any listers have experiences with XK8’s or Boxsters as their “real” car?
>      My current work car is giving up the ghost and the wife wants me to buy a newer car, preferably an almost new Mazda 6 GT. Me being me, I have been looking at Lotus Elises, Lotus Elan +2’s, AM DB7’s, Jag XK8’s and Boxsters…
>      What do you think?
>      Happy Thanksgiving,
>      -Bill in Tehachapi
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