[TR] Rubber adhesive remover

Matt mbarre at juno.com
Sat Nov 19 10:38:46 MST 2016

 Not sure if this is exactly the same stuff or nothttps://www.uline.com/Product/Detail/S-19595/Adhesives-Glue-Epoxy/3M-08984-General-Purpose-Adhesive-Cleaner-1-Quart?pricode=WY489&gadtype=pla&id=S-19595&gclid=CMvQ0sattdACFRAkgQodzloMhg&gclsrc=aw.ds I expect you could find it at a dedicated paint supply store. Matt   

 pdqtr6 at comcast.net wrote:
Has anyone bought any of this lately? It used to be a common sight in any FLAPS, but I haven't seen it for a long time. It used to come in a rectangular can with a plastic squirter spout (scotch) taped to the can. Then the spout disappearwd, and now I can't find it anywhere. It really works! From: "Patrick Baize" <pbaize at satx.rr.com>

Ive used 3M's adhesive remover with good results, wont hurt paint
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