[TR] TR6 marker lights inop.

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Tue Nov 15 07:32:14 MST 2016

So, time for some detective work.  Get out a test lamp or DMM and check for
power at the RG wire at the fuse block (with the headlight switch on).  

If nothing there, check at the RG wire coming out of the switch.  Still
nothing means the switch is bad.

If RG has power, check at the red wires coming off the fuse block.  If no
joy here, then either the fuse is bad and doesn't look it, or the fuse block
has a problem.

-- Randall 

> I should have mentioned I removed the fuses to check them and they were
> all fine. I did just "jiggle" all of them as well.
> I didn't check the panel light though. They do not work. Nor does the
> hazard switch. The idiot lights and interior lights work.

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