[TR] Poppies from England

Mike Coe coefront at shaw.ca
Sat Nov 12 08:51:36 MST 2016

I agree, the Poppies from England are superb. I watch BBC and CBC regularly (they seem least impartial of the press; the remainder of whom are not appealing in their reporting in my opinion!) and observe them as displayed on the lapel's of their staff’s clothing; but never thought of acquiring a few. Good for you! I left England for Canada aged 18, and stayed. But will always hold a very strong attachment to my Country of Birth even though I’m Canadian now in this fantastic Country of ours. So, I’m going to ask my fine, fine Brother-In-Law in England to please acquire a few of the English poppies for me – for which I’ll reimburse: he, a proud Cosworth engined Morgan owner.
Mike Coe – Calgary
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