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Frank Fisher yellowtr3 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 11 10:18:07 MST 2016

i have been wearing my poppy all week here in california. some explanation needed.i have seen some of the VFW's starting to distribute poppy'sbut at least its celebrated here.
so many of us owe so much to so many. to re phrase sir Winston.

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I brought home a few Poppy Appeal lapel poppies from the UK last week. A friend in California has gotten a lot of interest as she's worn one through this week. I wish we had that program here. Started in the US decades ago, but now most active in Britain and Canada. 

On Friday, November 11, 2016, Bob Labuz <yellowtr at adelphia.net> wrote:

To all the veterans out there, have a great Veteran's day.

My wife is taking me to Texas Roadhouse for a free lunch!

Love the companies that support our veterans like Lowes which offers a 10% discount on every purchase.

Unfortunately, it is cold and rainy up here in Central NY so we will be taking the Camry.


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