[TR] Stag AC Heater Valve replacement

hdrider570 at att.net hdrider570 at att.net
Wed Nov 9 17:03:40 MST 2016

The Heater control valve in my 1973 Stag with Air Conditioning was 
leaking this morning.  Interestingly I found a replacement at the local 
O'Reilly auto parts store.

it is their part number 74604, it is made by Murray though Four Seasons 
also list one.  It fits a 1972 Pontiac Firebird with a 350 CID engine.

It has 5/8" nipples in and out but they fit inside my silicone heater 
hoses with a bit of a push.  You will need a 90 degree vacuum 
street-elbow so that the line does not interfere with the bonnet as 
well.  The new valve fit into the existing bracket after opening it up 
just a touch.  it sits a bit lower so I had to trim about 1/2" off the 
existing lower heater hose.

The best part is that it was only $19.99.

By the way if you are going to change to silicone hoses you will need to 
buy special hose clamps.  They leak like sieves with standard ones.  
O'Rielly had those as well.  They are carried by JEGS also and are a bit 
cheaper there.

Edward Hamer
Petaluma CA

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