[TR] Lucas Part

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Sun Nov 6 01:12:29 MST 2016

> As I was organizing my TR3 parts bins I found a battered original Lucas
> box with what looks like an NOS rheostat of some kind. The box is marked
> One Switch 78361 and hand written above it is 78392. Neither number
> appears in a TRF catalog. Anyone one know what this is?

According to a Lucas catalog, 78361 would be a 3 ohm heater control,
suitable for replacement of the original TR3 heater control (when combined
with the appropriate knob).

It didn't have 78392, but the TRF database has it cross-referenced to the
panel rheostat on 73-76 TR6.  (TRF puts the letters "LU" in front of Lucas
part numbers.)

-- Randall 

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