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Reference: "Hello, everyone.  I recently picked up a 2002 Tacoma from North Carolina.  88,000 miles and zero rust...why I didn't buy in the northeast."


Congratulations on finding a highly sought after truck that should bring you years and tens of thousands of trouble-free miles if taken care of as designed.  May I respectfully suggest regularly scheduled fluid flushes using genuine Toyota products?  That is how I keep my Japanese vehicles going well over 200K with no engine or transmission drama.  It is also why I drive a standard shift Honda, as their auto trannies can be weak, as can their headgaskets.  That's another story.  Regarding detailing products:  There are a host of really good products out there and everyone has their particular favorite.  Mine is Meguires tech wax 2.0.  It is relatively inexpensive, and if put on as razor thin as you can get it, while ensuring complete coverage, it will last awhile and comes off the paint like a dream.  My dashboards don't see anything but dampened towels, as in the ones that I have just dried the paint with after a hand wash and squeegee dry.  They are microfiber towels and have just enough moisture from the nooks and crannies to do the dash, console, etc.  Another towel gets the inside of the door jambs, rear deck lid, under hood, gas filler, etc.  which makes it a little too dirty for interior dash drying.  (Drying with two towels was something I picked up almost 50 years ago as a car-wash employee in Akron, Oh.)  Unlike the dashboards of yesteryear these vinyl dash components do not require 'feeding' to forestall the eventual cracking.  They just don't seem to crack anymore.  Believe me, Dallas sees some ridiculous temperatures that would toast an older dash, and door panel, and rear seat, and package tray, and even paint.  The modern paint can still get cooked, which is why I apply wax at least twice a year, and park in the coveted shady spot whenever possible.  With some TLC to your paint and resisting the temptation to put gee-whiz products on your interior you should have a truck that will serve you well for decades.  If you are in a salt-ridden state, I would strongly suggest regular chassis baths during those seasons and a 'get under the truck and get soaked at the quarter car wash' session at the first sign of Spring.  Oh, and I believe the owner's manual specifies to use only a dampened cloth in the interior, with maybe a very mild soap if absolutely necessary, followed by a rinse.  It does on later Toyotas.  I'm a big fan of Weather Tech mats too, and just bought a beautifully designed set for my honey's Prius.  Rainy season is upon us.  (I'm a little nutty about preventative maintenance, just in case you didn't pick up on that. (Smile))

Have fun in your truck.  With good care they are as loyal as old dogs.

Ed in Dallas

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