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Add me to those that thought the same thing, I am not above (or below?) trying to improve things now and again, but for the first time in a few carpet installs I fit the snap rings, I think the Roadster Factory sells a kit but it has been awhile, anyhow it works great, I had fitted the silver bubbly stuff as a sound/heat insulator under the carpet, so I had to cut some notches in the insulation to  allow clearance for the snaps.  

Anyway, I am quite pleased with the results, and if I had to do it over again, I would do it over again the same way, no question.  

Greg Lemon

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A blinding flash of the obvious, Peter. Knowing how so many aspire to originality the clips you describe are ideal. I kept my mouth shut as I've opened it too wide in the pastJ




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Why not used what is designed for the purpose, veltex snaps? 

They are designed to snap to a male snap, as used to hold a tonneau down.  They are a two piece fastener, one piece goes through the top of the carpet, has spikes to hold to the second piece on the bottom that forms the female half.  The top half becomes invisible when the carpet is brushed over/around it.  I use these in my TR6 at the head of the floor carped on the firewall.  Work great, hold fast, easy to snap on and off.

Moss number is 226-338 for the veltex ring & spike, 226-800 for an example of the male snap; just for reference, not being pushy.

Peter Arakelian - 1971 TR6



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