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Mon Jul 25 17:22:09 MDT 2016

Thank you, everyone.  I'll rune a colortune test on it this weekend.

Much obliged!


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> Except.  Coming to a stop at a light, engine idles at about a thousand,
> then slowly drops until, unless I rev the engine, it will stall.

What does the engine sound like as it is slowly dropping rpm?  What happens
when you try to adjust the mixture?

My guess would be a float valve that leaks a bit.  Running at higher
rpm/throttle, the engine uses more than the leak, so the float controls the
fuel level.  But at idle, the fuel level creeps up until the mixture is way
rich and the engine dies.

Just having the mixture set way rich can also cause it to "load up" at idle.

-- Randall

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