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Given the freshness of your rebuild I would first check all the fasteners on the manifold and carb mounts, might just need re-torquing.  Or, a leak could be around the throttle shafts.  If you can get it to idle at some steady rpm spray carb cleaner, or some such product, around the shafts and see if the idle speed changes.  

Lastly, could be at one end or the other of the vacuum line.  

Just a few thoughts,

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Hello, everyone.  Midway through the driving season, chugging lots of miles to and from work in the '59 TR3A, it running like a champ.  Lots of power.  Mostly sorted in all ways (odometer doesn't work 2,000 miles into the rebuild), but nothing major.  

Except.  Coming to a stop at a light, engine idles at about a thousand, then slowly drops until, unless I rev the engine, it will stall.  

Am I right thinking it's probably a vacuum leak at the manifold?

Terry Smith, '50 TR3A  TS 58667

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