[TR] Problem solved - not totally sure how

ptegler ptegler at verizon.net
Sun Jul 24 09:15:13 MDT 2016


This 'engagement' is the same as the synchros on the gears. If the fit 
is not perfectly concentric it will not hold.
Plain and simple one of the two were out of round , so you only had 
partial engagement or 'grab' of the 'brake pad' material which makes 
perfect sense that it would slip under load.  The only 'oil' issues to 
watch is using 'the stinky' gear oil that will eat the brass synchros 
and thust washers.  30wt HD non-detergent motor oil or 80-90wt Hypoy 
gear oil should be used (depending on who rebuilt your o/d and how they 
set the pressure relief valve)   Even 'limited slip' oil modifiers 
should not be an issue with the o/d engagement. That will only effect 
the speed at which the synchros will grab the gears during shifting.  
Anything that will effect the o/d cone clutch and brake ring engagement  
issue will also show up as 'shreads' of ' horse hair' in your o/d filter 
as the brake pad material falls apart. That usually only shows up as a 
result of over heating of the material due to low oil levels and 
slipping/slow engagement.


On 7/22/2016 2:26 AM, Rye Livingston wrote:
> ......pered cone gear I think it's called, which has the clutch 
> material around the outside of it, which fits into the sun gear, I 
> think I have the correct names for these, anyway, when he manually 
> pushed the two together as they would engage, there was the slightest 
> movement in the fit.  They showed it to me and there is about 1/16th 
> of a wiggle......

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