[TR] TR4&4A door handle lock function

Carl Sereda carlsereda at aol.com
Mon Jul 18 23:24:01 MDT 2016

Hi John,

 The TR4&4A door locks can be activated (locked and unlocked) from both inside and outside the car (by a 'reverse push' of the inside door handle, and from the outside with a turn of the key, then pushing the plunger). 
Locking actually 'disables' the plunger's function by turning inner plunger so the 'ears' DON NOT engage - so pushing the plunger from outside would do nothing but go 'in and out' without contacting the latch lever inside door).
As I recall, it is quite tedious to get the lock mechanism 'innards' in the proper order - 90 degrees one way and it doesn't work, 90 degrees the other way and - presto.
The write up in Workshop Manual only describes how to get the mechanism installed in the door and set the proper gaps, alignment positions, and hook-ups.
With further patience and trial and error I am sure you could figure out the proper orientation of inner workings of the mechanism, so that both the key and interior door handle will properly lock/unlock your doors.
Good luck - it's nice to have the locks work!
FYI; the small end of the exterior door handles (where the forward-most screw goes) usually has the 3 number 'key code' stamped there if you are trying to match door handle keys.

'63 TR4 since '74

 Fairly certain they are together correctly, but the unlock function doesn't work.

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