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Michael Burdick burdickm at mindspring.com
Tue Jul 12 08:47:54 MDT 2016

Harry - Another possibility is that the needle has become disengaged from
the adjusting screw and is no longer moving when you turn the screw.  When
this happens, the needle is left in the full-lean position and no amount of
turning the adjusting screw will change it. The adjustment is a bit
counter-intuitive in that to enrich the mixture, you turn the adjusting
screw clockwise, and to lean out the mixture, you turn the screw counter
clockwise.  If you were turning the screw counter clockwise in an attempt
to enrich the mixture, the needle may have fallen off the screw.

The way to tell if the needle and screw are still engaged is to turn the
screw clockwise.  Eventually, it should bottom out and stop turning
(envision a screw 1" long being screwed into a threaded hole 1/2"
deep).  To re-engage a needle that has fallen off, put some slight pressure
on the needle pushing it back towards the piston while turning the
adjusting screw clockwise.

Hope this helps,
Mike Burdick
Durham, NC

On Wed, Jul 6, 2016 at 8:17 AM, <Harrymague at aol.com> wrote:

> After doing some engine work, I notice that one of the cards had a small
> leak.  I replaced the bottom float seal.  I doing so, I notice that the
> float value appeared to be sticking so I replaced it.  I check the float
> level and it appeared to be the 16-17 mm tolerance listed.  I reinstalled
> the carb and noticed that the engine was running a little rough.  I used my
> ColorTune.  It showed the carb was running lean.  I attempted to adjust the
> mixture but could not get the carb to run any richer.  My question is: if
> the float was not adjusted correctly, making the level of fuel in the bowl
> low, could this cause my inability to adjust the mixture rich??
> Thanks in advance for any suggestion.
> Harry Mague
> Beavercreek, OH
> 1973 1/2 TR6
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