[TR] Not Receiving Triumphs List Digest

wbeech wbeech at flash.net
Sat Jul 9 10:33:08 MDT 2016

Not sure what is happening as I do not get all the regular emails as well,
often I will see a response from someone to an email that never come.
Nothing in SPAM file either.
Bill B
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Subject: [TR] Not Receiving Triumphs List Digest
I am subscribed to the Triumphs List digest version, but have not received
it for what seems like several weeks.  Has there been a problem?  If not,
how can I begin receiving them again?
William L. Smith
E-mail: smithw1 at optonline.net <mailto:smithw1 at optonline.net> 
1972 TR6
1980 TR7
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