[TR] ZS Carb Questions

Harrymague at aol.com Harrymague at aol.com
Wed Jul 6 06:17:55 MDT 2016

After doing some engine work, I notice that one of the cards had a small  
leak.  I replaced the bottom float seal.  I doing so, I notice that  the 
float value appeared to be sticking so I replaced it.  I check the  float level 
and it appeared to be the 16-17 mm tolerance listed.  I  reinstalled the 
carb and noticed that the engine was running a  little rough.  I used my 
ColorTune.  It showed the carb was  running lean.  I attempted to adjust the 
mixture but could not get the carb  to run any richer.  My question is: if the 
float was not adjusted  correctly, making the level of fuel in the bowl low, 
could this cause my  inability to adjust the mixture rich??
Thanks in advance for any suggestion.
Harry Mague
Beavercreek, OH
1973 1/2 TR6  
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