[TR] TR3 Type A and Quantum Mechanics

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Ditto on the Redline MT-90, noticeable difference on the dah I switched from
regular GL-4.
Bill B

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> Tranny is home and ready for reinstall.  Hold up? A 75 cent peg that 
> goes in the flywheel for the pressure plate.

Probably too late now, but those pegs are common hardware items.  Your local
Ace Hardware should have them.

> would like to go with syn oil in the OD transmission.  Must be GL-4.  
> Was it Redline that makes it?

That's what I use, Redline MT-90, which is a full synthetic GL4 optimized
for use in manual transmissions.  FLAPS frequently charge extra, so be sure
to check prices on Amazon & eBay.

But, I'm really surprised that John E. didn't tell you that you had to use
motor oil?


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